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FamilyTool 14000mAh Car Jump Starter Product Review: Is it really so good?

Is this FamilyTool Jump Starter a real Mindful purchase? Is its flexibility for real? Is it what you need? Uncover real review, user comments and more

A car battery is the heart of your car. Everything is taking power from it, including your engine. Despite the modern technology has made lead batteries very easy to use and to maintain, I am sure you have experienced, at least once in your life, the very bad sensation of turning your car key in the ignition switch without anything happened.

In the old days the only solution was to call a friend with his car and use jumper cables to connect his car battery with yours. I remember this as very time consuming “dirty”, I was late in the office, I got dirty hands and dirty clothes and you needed also to be lucky enough to have your friend at home.

Nowadays the technology has really made our life easier with the possibility of having all the power you need to Jump Start your car in a single and portable battery: a Car Jump Starter.

With this little device you can now jump start an engine in less than a minute in a safe and efficient way.There are several brands in the market with different capacity and performance, let’s see if the FamilyTool 14000 mAh Jump Starter is really what you need.

What is the FamilyTool Jump Starter capable to do?

At the heart of the device is a 14,000 mAh lithium-ion battery that offers enough power to completely charge an iPhone 6, which has a 1840 mAh battery, 7 full times.

Lithium-ion batteries are extremely compact and lightweight, (as much as 90% smaller than its lead-acid equivalents) and are the perfect choice for this kind of applications.

The device is also capable of giving a peak current of 400 A which, in our opinion, is extremely high and capable of cranking a 4 liters Gas engine or a 3.5 liters Diesel engine.


– Battery Type: Lithium-Ion

– Battery Capacity:14,000 mAh

– Battery Life Cycles:1000

– Input: 15V 1Amp

– Output: 1x USB 5V/2A, 1x 12V/2A, 1x 19V/3.5A

– Jump Start Peak Current: 300-400A

– Dimensions: 6.2 x 3 x 1 in

– Weight: 14 ounces

The unit comes in a sturdy plastic case with a variety of cords and connectors that cover mini and micro USB, Apple lightning, different laptop adapters, etc. It also includes a cigarette lighter adapter so you can charge the device while on the go.

Connectors included in the box

– 1x pair of mini-jumper clamps

– 7x plug adapters for any kind of Laptop/Camera

– 1x multi USB Adapter Charging Cable with 4 Connectors – micro USB, Lightning compatible, Apple 30 pin and 8 Pin

– 1x 12V DC car recharge cable

– 1x 220V/110V AC recharger cable

It is also worth noting that the device is having a very useful and very bright LED light with also the possibility of having a Strobe SOS feature very useful in case of a night emergency. The power in the Jump Starter is enough to keep the light on for more than 140 hours.

How is FamilyTool Jump Starter working?

This is not like many tiny little Jump Starters, good enough for small cars only; the FamilyTool Jump Starter 14,000 mAh is a nice power bank with enough versatility to make it the perfect device to have in your vehicle at all times.

We have tried the device several times with different cars and we were always able to jump start the car without any problem even in cold weather. I have personally tried it with my wife’s Pontiac Torrent 3.6 liters in a very cold morning, when the battery was not even able to turn the dashboard lights on, and it worked perfectly and smoothly.

The use of the Jump Starter is extremely simple and anyone can do it without having knowledge about engines and cars.

The device is coming with a sturdy plastic carrying case which is very easy to fit in any place of your car of home. It is light and compact and can fit without the case easily in your glove compartment.

You can recharge the Jump Starter easily with his 220V/110V AC wall plug or also in the car, when driving, with the DC car adapter included

Is it a good power bank?

Even if you are buying this device because you want to crank an engine, the possibility of having a power bank always available makes this little thing very mindful.

The FamilyTool Jump Starter is in fact an extremely powerful power bank good enough to charge your electronic devices multiple times.

With his 14,000 mAh of available power you can recharge:

Iphone 5 (1,440 mAh) more than 9 times

Iphone 6 (1,810 mAh) more than 7 times

Galaxy S4 (2,600 mAh) more than 5 times

Galaxy S5 (2,800 mAh) more than 5 times

Ipad Air 2 (7,340 mAh) almost 2 times

Laptop (around 5,500 mAh) more than 2 times

And it offers different outputs to charge your USB devices, laptop or vehicle. The 12 volt output is quite impressive for the small, compact size of the device.

The Smart lithium-ion battery is also lasting longer than average lead batteries and it can be recharged up to 1000 times, in addition, a clear and bright led display is giving a clear charge indication.

What do other customers or users of FamilyTool Jump Starter thinks.

People who purchased the Jump Starter expressed how easy and reliable the unit is:

DRC on for example writes

“Came in handy half dozen times during recent cold spell. Anytime temp got into low 20’s or teens car would not start. Used jump starter and car started no problem. Plus had plenty of reserve power left”

E. Whitney on for example writes

“The MOST wonderful tool to jump start a truck that has been sitting for 2 months! So easy to use and holds the charge for a long time! Wide variety of cords tips to charge just about every electronic device…it even has a car charger to charge it while on the road”

Other also comments about the mindful purchase:

Gary Stefancin on for example writes

“I found the 14000mAh multifunctional starter to be a very mindful purchase. The ability to jump start the car and charge the computer, phone and camera from a powerful compact charger is very reassuring to me. If the power goes out, I know my phone and lap top will stay charged. If my battery dies, I can immediately charge it. I am very happy with the 14000 mAh Car Jump Starter.”

What else should you know about the FamilyTool Jump Starter?

The first thing to keep in mind is the maintenance of the device. It is very easy and simple but we have always to remember to recharge the battery at least once every 6 months (recommended once every 3 months)

Please also be aware about the very cold weather because it could discharge the battery faster. So, if you keep the device always in your car outside and not in your garage, you will probably need to recharge it more often.

What advice can I offer you about buying?

We have been looking for a product like this for several times, it is easy to use, small, efficient, multipurpose and most of all it is working.

Considering the size and the capacity, the Price is convenient.

In conclusion the FamilyTool 14000 mAh Car Jump Starter is a very good Jump starter with enough flexibility to make it a real mindful purchase. 

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