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FamilyTool 12volt Tire Inflator Product Review: Do I Need One Too?

Is FamilyTool Tire Inflator doing the job? Is it flexible to be used also with your motorbike, bicycle and truck? Is it easy to use and small enough to be always in the car? Uncover real review, user comments and more

If this is a way to get rid of a Gas Station coin operated tire inflator, I am going to buy 3 of these! I simply hate to go to a Gas Station with 3 or 4 Quarters (not easy these days) just to check my tire pressure. It is dirty, 90% of the time is not working and the accuracy of the measurement is simply bad.

The FAMILYTOOL tire inflator is a great unit to keep in my truck. I like to have the safety of knowing that I can easily and at any time inflate my tires. It takes very few minutes to bring all your tires to the right pressure.

I like very much also the fact that you do not need to be in your garage or in any case close to a power source to use it because it takes the power directly from your car through the 12V cigarette lighter socket.

There are a lot of different model in the market but very few with a digital display and an automatic shut off at desired pressure. Let’s see if FamilyTool Tire Inflator delivers what promised

What is the FamilyTool Tire Inflator capable to do?


The FamilyTool Tire Inflator is a nice, compact compressor about the size for a large hardcover book. It plugs into a cigarette lighter to power it and has a short two-foot air hose to connect to your tire or whatever else you are inflating



The Compressor is very powerful, considering the size of the unit, and it is able to deliver 150 psi and 5.8 gpm (Gallons per Minute) guarantee to inflate a flat tire in less than 4 minutesThe digital display can be easily set to psi, bar, Kpa, Kg/cm2.

It comes with a hose that works great and easily coils up inside the unit itself for storage. You have 12 ft of reach good for inflating any tire of a standard vehicle

The inflation tip actually screws on to your stem valve of your car which in my opinion is much better than the other “push and lock” type systems because less air is lost when unscrewing the valve when you’re done pumping up the tire.

With the inflator you also get three different sized adapters for inflating

  • toys and inflatables
  • soccer, basketball and other sports balls
  • Presta valve adapter for inflating Sport, MTB and Road bicycles


There’s also a flashlight built-into the side of it which will definitely come in handy and can be used also as an SOS light signal


Is FamilyTool Tire Inflator working as expected?

The pump works as specified and filled the tires faster than I would have expected. The inflator is heating up during operation and in case you need to inflate 4 complete flat tires it is better to wait few minutes between each tireThe cords neatly tuck into the unit, and the unit itself is quite compact and light, could be placed easily in any place inside the car.

It is very easy to set the digital display to psi, bar, Kpa, Kg/cm2 and I absolutely love the auto-shut off feature. I am a bit of a techy and I like to see things doing what I told them to do especially if by doing this they can free my time.

To attach to a car tire you have to turn the little piece at the end of the air-hose until it attaches itself to the tire which is convenient as you don’t have to hold it as the tire inflates. Of course you will lose a little bit of air as you unscrew this between the time it’s not totally connected and the time you pull it off the tire.






What do other customers or users of FamilyTool Tire Inflator thinks.

 People who purchased the Tire Inflator  expressed how easy and convenient the unit is:

Darren O’Neill on for example writes

“Overall this is a nice tool to keep in your vehicle for emergencies or just to make sure you have the proper tire inflation once every month or two. With our local gas stations now charging $1.00 for air this little device will pay for itself over time especially if you have multiple vehicles. Recommended”

Lefti on for example writes

“Great air pump infiltrator for a great price. Very easy and friendly to use, it get the job done”

Others also comments about the 3 features in one: Strike Force on for example writes

"This 3 IN 1 Portable Tire Pump compressor is solid, easy to use and exactly as described. Exactly the quality that I was hoping for, I couldn’t be happier. This unit pumps air fast and the auto shut off feature is great. The light is bright for a night emergency. Hopefully I won’t need that feature. When you’re done, the air hose and electrical cord store inside the unit."

Others also comments about the possibility to inflate bikes very easily: RONALD S on for example writes

"I bought this to inflate my road bike tires and it works much better than my old inflator. First it screws on and second the readout is digital and can be set to stop at a specific psi. If the plug in wire were another 2 feet longer it would be perfect."

What else should you know about the FamilyTool Tire Inflator?

At first you need always to remember to plug in the unit into the lighter when the unit is on OFF position. In fact the high start up current of the compressor could cause the cigarette lighter to burn the fuse.

The unit is a bit louder than a car at idle and to be honest it isn’t badThe cord, while long enough to get to all four tires of a car or light truck, would not be long enough to get to a trailer or a larger truck. If you have a large truck you may want to buy a cord extension to reach the rear tires.



What advice can I offer you about buying?

All of that said, the product needs to be reviewed for what my intended use is – as a easy way to top off the air in my tires and for emergencies. I am therefore appreciating the small size and the fact that it is working well.

Overall this is a nice tool to keep in your vehicle for emergencies or just to make sure you have the proper tire inflation once every month or two. With our local gas stations now charging $1.00 for air this little device will pay for itself over time especially if you have multiple vehicles.

And Right Tire Pressure = Safety

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