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Warning Signs Your Battery Is About To Die

Vehicles require maintenance with every roughly 3,500 miles of driving and a regular maintenance keeps the engine running smoothly, extends the life of your vehicle significantly, and reveals potential problems. Sometimes, however, things can start to go wrong. One of the most common car problems that may arise is battery failure. Unfortunately, the only way for you to determine if your battery is failing is to pay attention to how the rest of the car is behaving.

A dying car battery will not hold a charge and will show several warning signs that will indicate the battery is dying. One is supposed to pay proper attention to any warning Sign from your battery; this may help you spending less money and fix the problems sooner.

Car Lights

The first sign that a car battery is starting to die is that the headlights will begin to dim. Other lights in the car, including the dashboard, become weaker and may even sometimes flashes. This decrease in light intensity is not always easy to tell, but when the car is idling should be clearer. If rev your engine and the lights illuminate, but dim, as soon as the car starts to work again, this is a definite indication that something is wrong, and in all probability, is the battery.

Starts Slowly

Vehicles with a fully charged battery will start as soon as you press the start button or turn the key. If the battery begins to fail, the vehicle takes longer to start. You may hear a click and have to try several times to get the car in gear, or the car may refuse to start completely and may require a push or a good start. There may be problems on into play here too; in this case the ignition could make things worse.

Electrical Accessories

Most automotive electrical devices are based on the battery to operate. When the battery becomes weak, the devices experience a malfunction or not work. For example, heating and cooling systems in the car can become weak. When electric vehicle accessories begin to malfunction, or just do not seem to be working alongside the most likely cause it is a faulty car battery.

What you can do is checking the electrical accessories such as the radio or power windows, at a regular basis. If the battery is very low, most of the electrical accessories will be sluggish. The radio also may not be very loud, the windows may work slower than normal, and the dashboard lights will be not be much brighter. If you see these signs, you should get that it’s the time to replace your car battery.

Red Battery

Usually, car batteries have a life expectancy of three to five years. Check whether the battery is higher than the lifetime indicated when bought, because it is likely that the battery has begun to weaken and need to be replaced.

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