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How to improve your gas mileage

Improve gas mileage for your vehicle is not only good for your wallet, it is also good for the environment as a whole. Many of us foolishly waste gas due to bad driving habits and because we do not keep our cars in good condition. Improve gas mileage is to adopt a more thoughtful approach to our driving habits and drive more intelligently. Obviously, buy a cheaper car fuel contributes to better gas mileage too. However, even a gas efficient car if not spent driving intelligently.

Driving tips

• Avoid aggressive driving. Rapid acceleration and braking reduces gas mileage and fuel waste. According to the Department of Energy of the United States reduce gas mileage as high as 33 percent for highway driving and five percent for driving around town.

• Follow the recommended speed limit. Gas mileage decreases rapidly when vehicles are driven over 60 mph.

• Strategic planning their daily driving needs. An easy way to increase your fuel efficiency is to drive less often and fewer miles. Plan and determine the different places that need during the day. Combine trips and tasks and trip with colleague and co-workers.

• Remove excess weight from the vehicle. Carrying unnecessary weight in the trunk of your car is burning additional gas for no reason.

• Do not let your car idle unnecessarily. An idling car burns fuel mileage is zero.

Car Maintenance

• Tune-up and keep your engine regularly.

• Keep tires inflated. Poorly inflated tires can lower gas mileage by 3% according to the Federal Trade Commission.

• Change your oil regularly and use the recommended oil for your vehicle. According to the Department of Energy of the United States using the recommended oil can improve your gas mileage by one or two percent.

Tire Pressure

• Making sure the tire pressure is inflated properly can make a pretty big difference in how much gas your car needs to use. A tire makes much more effort to move. You should check the tires regularly, you can easily make this more gas stations with air pressure hose. Or you can easily buy a tire pressure gauge.

• Make sure your air filter is replaced, note this when it is difficult to see the light through it.

• The spark plugs should be kept clean and properly set apart.

• Always make sure the muffler is working properly and undamaged. A simple hole in the muffler can end up costing a few dollars a month.

Air conditioners

• Air conditioners may seem a luxury for some, but most people now use their air conditioners constantly. While opening the window also end up with more gas, it will use a lot less than an air conditioner. If the air conditioning is not necessary, you should not use it.

Driving Habits

• Be gentle when using your car will not only help you save money on gas, will help you keep the car for longer. Avoid cutting hard and accelerate strongly. You should also avoid changing the speed of fast driving. If you need speed of 10 miles, or 10 miles delay, treat and relieve him gently.

• It is a known fact that driving faster uses more gas, it’s just common sense. But many people do not realize that if you do not drive over 60, can end up saving some money.

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